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Play WebGL games at WebGL is way that modern web browsers allow interactive 2D and 3D graphics to be rendered. Unlike Flash, no plugin needs to be downloaded. This makes WebGL safe from viruses and available on more devices including phones, tablets, and of course laptops. Enjoy the great games made for WebGL.

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WebGL is a browser technology that allows applications like games to access the graphics processing unit (GPU) of computers. The GPU has many low power cores meant for processing image information and is consequentially also useful for better artificial intelligence inside games and other applications. WebGL evolved from the HTML5 canvas element which is useful for manipulating 2D images. WebGL taps into a video library called Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) and with the help of a browser, the magic of visually stunning 3D games becomes very possible. A beautiful visual experience with amazing 3D rendering is now just a webpage away.

Unity WebGL

After the Unity Web Player plugin lost popularity, unity3d began to offer webgl exporting. this meant the growing amount of unity games transitioned to using the open webgl standard. these games are notable because they offer their own unity-based preloader and a maximize button. unity3d has been a great platform for developers to build interactive 3d content like games through an environment that offers quick testing of ideas. the unity workflow has led to a huge range of amazing unity games that are using webgl technology. over time, the line may begin to blur with html5 and WebGL as the popularity grows with game developers and players alike. So far, due to Unity's presence, WebGL has mostly been popular for a desktop or laptop, not with mobile.

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